Review Policy

Review Policy for books

1. What I WILL Review: Christian, Fiction and Non Fiction,  YA Fiction and Non Fiction, special interest in Indie or Self published books, Children's fiction, Children's Non Fiction.  Honestly I will review almost anything!!

2. What I will NOT Review Horror ( I might make SOME exceptions, but extreme violence or blood, blood and more blood will not be accepted), Erotica

Review settings.

1 star- Did not like it
2 start- OK, better luck next time
3 star- moderate
4 star- Good
5 star- Excellent, one of the best books I have ever read.

length of time between submission and review: At this time I will say that I will ATTEMPT to have your review done within 2 weeks of the submission date.  That of course is subject to change, because I am doing this for no profit (other then the book), and it will depend on how many books I have to review.  and if I have papers due for school.  For example, if you submit a book during finals week, please expect a little longer turn around.  I will however keep you updated by email on the progress of your review.

How my process works:
Please send me your email address because I have a list of questions I would like to send you for the "author interview"
I will keep correspondence with you during the time that I am writing the review, however please do not email me daily asking for a progress report.
I will send you a copy of the review before hand, but Good or bad it will be posted on the blog

I do not promise a good review only an honest one.  However I do promise to say something positive about the book.  I consider myself a fair person and tend to look on the positive side.

Where I post my reviews:
Here: My blog title is Beyond the Rainbow
I also post video reviews on youtube my channel name is Ozma0810
and will also post on Amazon








Note: The reason I post to youtube: I post reviews to youtube because not everyone reads reviews on blogs and not everyone watches youtube. I want to try to take advantage of both audiences.
Keep in mind some of the same information will be shared on both sources.

Well thats about it for my review policy!!
Thanks for Reading
If you would like to contact me please do so by emailing me at



  1. Hi Kathryn. I can't seem to find contact information here, but I have a new Christian YA book I'd like to pitch to you to possibly review. Perhaps you'd be so kind as to contact me?

  2. Hello,

    not sure how to contact you so I will just post here as others have done. I would loved for you to review my new title, I have posted some info belowTitle: History's Prisoners book one: Invasion

    By James Garmisch (pen name)

    50K Dystopian sci fi. Character driven, not dark.

    Release date: 8OCT on Amazon and Smash words, they are ready as pre order now.

    Moments before his execution, Huan is given a clear choice: infiltrate the Global Resistance—or die, and never see his children again.
    The Alliance is collapsing, and Huan, a former economist for the worldwide government, knows how it was engineered. History has been reset, the children of dissidents re-educated, and the family unit abolished. The facade of utopia is evaporating.
    Meanwhile, beyond the city walls, the separated lands are shifting from despair to chaos. Smoldering discontent is about to explode. Huan is neither a soldier nor a spy, but he will have to become both—and quickly—if he is to survive and to save the family that does not know him.

  3. I have a book for you to review. Please email your author questions. Thank you. davidATcrimsonfenixDOTcom.

  4. Hello Kathryn.

    I'm sorry if this the wrong way to write you, but I would like to know if you would review my self-published book, “Let’s Meet God.”
    You can find out more at-

    Thank you.
    Chris Hearn

  5. HI,

    Like these other commenters I am also wondering if you would be willing to review a new book I wrote, Jake's Nature Guide: Rocky Mountains. It is a self published nature guide to the Rocky Mountains aimed at parents and their kids. Basically, I wanted to write a simple book to help parents introduce their children to the wonders of the Rocky Mountains.

    My book is small enough to fit in a pocket, written in non-technical language, and well organized to make it easy to use in the field.

    It seems like as a parent this book may be a good one for you to review.

    Please let me know if you are interested. My email is:


  6. Hi Kathryn!

    I'm wondering if you'd be willing to do a review of my Amish romance series, A Lancaster Love. My pen name is Mary Lingerfelt, and my email addy is This Amish romance is suitable for women from their early teens up, and would rate about a PG in movie terms. There is no explicit sexual content, no swearing, but some non-explicit treatment of issues such as alcoholism and violence. The book is currently live on Amazon,but if you agree to review it, I will of course give you anything you need. Thank you for the opportunity to apply for a review!

    Sincerely, Mary

  7. Please consider for review my book "Creation to Christmas around The Jesse Tree"
    contact info is
    The book is an interactive, inclusive and inspirational book with 25 excerpts, each a short story that you can tell each day accompanied by a thought-provoking scripture reference and a unique Christmas tree ornament.

  8. Good Day!
    After reading a few of your reviews, which I enjoy very much, I would be grateful if you can review my book, Possessed President, a literary fiction. Upon your request, I can send you a digital copy.

    Book Press Release

    Publication Date: September 25, 2020

    Title: Possessed President

    Inspired by the current political situations in America in which the country is torn apart by two political rivals. The question is: can the gap be closed?
    What happens when a President is elected into office, and he forgets about his promises to the people?

    Earl-Dylan and Osray land in the California desert, and they starts their journey to the White House to free the president from Mr. McGarvish’s clutches. Soon after, the villain discovers their arrival and tries to kill them before getting to the President. “The mission…the mission! I must free the president from McGarvish’s gruesome grip. He possesses the president’s mind. An ocean of blood will flow in the world—wars and mass destruction. Our traditional values as we know them will flip like a coin. I’ve to save humanity—kill the possessor.”

    Possessed President is published by: Mirador Publications, ISBN: 978-1-913833-22-0
    Available in all good bookstores as paperback and ebook,, Barnes & Noble, etc.

    Please contact Amo