Monday, February 26, 2018

War World By Rod C Spence

Hi All!

I just wanted to do a quick into for the book War World By Rod C Spence.  Over my winter break I was approached to review this book and it has taken me quite a long time to actually finish it it! Bt now I have so I feel confident in being able to finish up my review!

 Below I will post the blurb from the back of the book as well as a short intro about the author! This is a good one guys so heads up!

Jeremy Austin never asked to save a planet--it's bad enough being a "B" average student as the son of a world-famous geneticist for crying out loud! He didn't ask to be attacked by Gnome assassins, didn't choose to become food for a prehistoric monster, would never have thought consorting with wizards a wise concept, and he definitely would never, ever sign up to do sword combat against the bloodthirsty Gnome King. 

Note to self: say NO to portals and wormholes. 

His father's expedition to a planet 2.4 million light years from Earth has gone missing. Jeremy and five high school friends embark on a rescue mission. Surrounded by an army of mercenaries, they travel through a high-tech portal and discover a nightmare planet on the other side--a violent world of alien races and man-eating monsters--a world in despair; anxiously awaiting the arrival of a savior who will defeat the evil Shadow Lord. 

For Jeremy, the search for his father becomes lost in a struggle for survival... and escape from those who would put the mantel of planet savior on his shoulders.

About the Author: (From Amazon)

ROD C. SPENCE is the author of the War World series and has spent decades as a creative cog in that great machine called television. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? From the highs of 3 Emmy nominations as an editor on CBS's Survivor to a different kind of high on MTV's Jersey Shore, he's honed his storytelling skills on real people in unreal situations and has been blessed to work with some incredible people along the way. 

And then there's the film obsession thing. 

He loved filmmaking so much he chose to spend several decades writing screenplays in the motion picture business that many survivors have compared to getting steamrolled in a bed of broken glass… on a good day. Spence also chose to write screenplays in a multitude of film genres—a no-no according to one writer's agent… and the agent was probably right, although, because this agent also recommended Linda Seger's book, Making a Good Script Great, the agent is to be commended and hugged. 

For the record, the genre's Spence chose were fun to work in: High Noon, a remake of the 1952 classic (action), DIG (youth sports drama), Section Eight (comedy), Carny Princess (romantic/musical/thriller), Carville (period drama/romance), The Man Next Door (thriller), Truth Or Die (action), Fiend (supernatural thriller), Triple Threat (martial arts/action), and Maynard (family). 

So what if he’s had to extract a few pieces of broken glass? It’s been a wild ride.

Spence has recently turned his attentions to completing his first novel. The evolution of War World was birthed from his love of science fiction thrillers by Michael Crichton and the fantasy novels of Tolkein and Terry Brooks. The story and characters expanded over time and what was once a single novel has grown to become a multi-book series. Drawing upon his years writing screenplays, Spence crafted a host of characters he believes readers will love to spend time with and in a world as complex as it is mysterious. War World’s cast may not be as crazy as those on the Jersey Shore but whether there is a Survivor amongst the high school students by series end… only time will tell.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Family blog!! Fun with Fall

Hi All,
So this is going to be just a picture heavy blog.  Last Thursday was Thansgiving so we had a family day.  It wasnt a huge deal, Just me, Hubby, Kids and my mom but everyone had a good time and I feel like we need to really soak up these years because they are slipping away fast.

As you can see the boys chose "In leaf pics" and Caroline who is a little more prim and proper chose sitting on top of the leaves wearing her halloween Elsa costume.  Everyone had a fun time and shockingly I did not over eat.  I am currently intermentant fasting trying to lose some of that pesky baby weight that has been hanging around since Caroline was born.  It is going well! Some day I will write a whole blog about the process and let you guys know what it has been like....

Christmas Holidays are fast approaching and I am looking very much forward to what the new year will bring!!! Hopefully many fun surprises to come!!!

Gearing Up for doing a Blog every day of December (I shamelessly stole the name Blogamus from YOUTUBE)  Remember if you have a short peace of fiction, non fiction, fanfiction, what ever (Im not picky) that you would like to have reviewed email me it soon so I can get you on the schedule!!!
Here is my email if you need it


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Event you might be interested in.

So this event is just a few days away and is something that I think many of you might be interested in!

"Bestselling author Gayle Forman will be joining Inkitt for a free, live event in Manhattan at 7pm on Nov. 30th. Gayle will be sharing her top tips for writers, doing a Q&A, and signing books. All are welcome to attend! You can RSVP by clicking here:"

If you live in the Manhattan area you can RSVP from the link and attend the event if you don't and you still want to attend (Like me) you can attend through Facebook Live stream... Here is that link.

I don't live in the area, so I will be attending through the blog Facebook page...I will send the link for that also.  If you see me there, please feel free to message me and introduce yourself! I would to "Virtually meet some of you!

Here is a graphic about the event!


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

"Authors Talk About It" Book award contest

Hi All,
So I know a much larger amount of you look at this blog then those I actually am able to do reviews for.  I have always said that the reason I do these reviews is so that I can help authors grow in their popularity.  I recently found out about the "Authors talk about it" Book award contest.  I wouldn't promote this if I didn't honestly think it would help some of you out. 
Here is some quick information about the contest!

Do you ever wish you could find amazing help with your book without having to give up your first born to afford it? You want feedback - is your book any good? what’s amazing in it? what could make it better? what needs work?

Guess what? If you enter the 2018 ATAI Book Award Contest, you get all of that…and it’s ONLY $45. That’s freaking crazy. 

Their team writes a thorough 250-350 word critique of your book, and they include a scoring rubric with notes for each section they score.

Wait, there’s more! You get to enter your book in either General Fiction or Nonfiction AND up to three more categories - all of that is included for one low entry fee! So, you get to enter your book in up to four categories. You’ll get one critique, but you could have four chances of winning one of their amazing prizes for finalists, let alone for the winners.

Seriously, this is an awesome way to get more eyes on your book and get professional support for a super low investment that you just can’t find anywhere else!

Jump over and check it out right now.

Just click here!


Sunday, October 22, 2017

Happy Birthday BABY!

Last Monday was my baby girls 4th birthday! I really don't know where time went! The party was fun, small like most of our parties! Cant wait to see what this next year brings in her life! I am looking forward to sharing it with all of you!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hi All!

Hope everyone is doing well! We certainly are! There have been several changes in our family lately! All of them pretty positive.  First we moved! Not far, but when you are talking about moving 2 parents, 3 kids, 1 cat and one bird it can turn out to be a big undertaking...Otherwise we are doing good, I am still in school and I recently got a job through Virtual School of Excellence teaching Theology Classes.  We are also taking another huge step in our family and working toward certification for adoption from Foster Care, I know I wrote at one point that I didn't think that would be direction we would go if we chose to adopt but we honesty decided that international adoption really is not possible for us financially. We will see! I am going to keep you guys updated more frequently now as my classes for the summer semester are coming to the end.
OH and hopefully I can get some book reviews done for you guys :)


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Back To School Haul

I really honestly can't believe it but back to school is really gearing up! For me this year that means that my two boys are heading back to school this year...Liam is in 3rd grade and my sweet little Cole is heading into Kindergarten!! That just seems crazy to me! Of course I am his mom and so I am sure that morning will be full of tears for me, I can almost already feel them coming...

With school around the corner, we decided to go ahead and do a little back to school shopping.  It seems to me like when I went back to school as a kid it was a heck of a lot easier! We had maybe a few notebooks and some pencils maybe a new book bag but that was about it, now it just seems a little over the top.

We literally spent 124 dollars on school supplies this year...Now...I will admit that not all of that was "Necessary" stuff.....for example I bought these:
 they are little thermos', Liam has been a lunch packer since day 1, he just doesn't seem to like anything that his school offers him for lunch, and I like providing him with healthier options.  I have no doubt that Cole will probably be the same way. In addition to the thermos' I bought each of the boys a new lunch bag.
(I apologize for the Elmo plate in the background, I took these pictures right after lunch and we hadn't quite cleaned up yet)

The other splerg item came in the from of star wars pencil cases, to be honest I'm not even sure this meets the requirements for their school list but if they can't use them at school they can bring them home and use them here

Now on to what the HAD to have....I'm not going to write everything down but you will see it is a heck of a lot of stuff!!! You will notice a few items in the middle for Caroline, she will be packing her lunch to go over to grandmas for childcare while I do school work or my WAH job.....

so there it is...My 2016-2017 back to school haul....I want to add here that if you have extra money or supplies you might consider donating to programs like the Salvation Army or Kids in Need Foundation,(or another one if you know of one in your area) that help out families.....I would imagine it would be hard to be the only kid with out a new book bag on the first day of school!!!
Talk to you soon!!!