Thursday, July 21, 2016

Back To School Haul

I really honestly can't believe it but back to school is really gearing up! For me this year that means that my two boys are heading back to school this year...Liam is in 3rd grade and my sweet little Cole is heading into Kindergarten!! That just seems crazy to me! Of course I am his mom and so I am sure that morning will be full of tears for me, I can almost already feel them coming...

With school around the corner, we decided to go ahead and do a little back to school shopping.  It seems to me like when I went back to school as a kid it was a heck of a lot easier! We had maybe a few notebooks and some pencils maybe a new book bag but that was about it, now it just seems a little over the top.

We literally spent 124 dollars on school supplies this year...Now...I will admit that not all of that was "Necessary" stuff.....for example I bought these:
 they are little thermos', Liam has been a lunch packer since day 1, he just doesn't seem to like anything that his school offers him for lunch, and I like providing him with healthier options.  I have no doubt that Cole will probably be the same way. In addition to the thermos' I bought each of the boys a new lunch bag.
(I apologize for the Elmo plate in the background, I took these pictures right after lunch and we hadn't quite cleaned up yet)

The other splerg item came in the from of star wars pencil cases, to be honest I'm not even sure this meets the requirements for their school list but if they can't use them at school they can bring them home and use them here

Now on to what the HAD to have....I'm not going to write everything down but you will see it is a heck of a lot of stuff!!! You will notice a few items in the middle for Caroline, she will be packing her lunch to go over to grandmas for childcare while I do school work or my WAH job.....

so there it is...My 2016-2017 back to school haul....I want to add here that if you have extra money or supplies you might consider donating to programs like the Salvation Army or Kids in Need Foundation,(or another one if you know of one in your area) that help out families.....I would imagine it would be hard to be the only kid with out a new book bag on the first day of school!!!
Talk to you soon!!!


Monday, July 18, 2016

New adventure!

So as I have been doing a lot of reading lately, for reviews, I thought I would also try my hand at writing again,  ( I wrote a young adult novel about 4 years ago... Here is the link if you are interested ( Currently I am working on an original work, but I am also writing I know there is some controversy about fanfiction itself, some don't feel it is legitimate work, and some do.....I personally think it is, because I think it takes (almost) as much creativity as an original work....if you write or read fanfiction please feel free to let me know because personally really enjoy it!

One might as why I would at this point decide to try writing again, well the answer to that is simple, my husband and I are contemplating an international adoption, and that my friend is expensive, so even a small amount of extra money is helpful, plus I find writing (and reading) to be a way to relax, something important as we enter into this emotionally draining time!

Here is the link to my fanfiction profile,,
By the way I don't make anything from the fanfiction, it is simply a way to distress and get my work out there, if you are interested in reading please take a look!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Happy 4th and Lost Teeth!!!

The 4th of July has never really been one of my all time favorite holidays, but this year the kids were EXTRA excited about it.  So we bought a few fireworks for the kids to do and called it good.  Even though I didn't have the most fun ever, watching the kids have fun was definitely AWESOME!!!
We started out in the morning with a few snaps....

I was really happy to see that little miss america enjoyed it too since last year she was pretty scared of the fire works!!

The day after the 4th of July my middle son, Cole lost his first tooth!!! He was crazy excited to get his first tooth fairy visit!

so we are just going along!! Thanks for reading!!! Have a great day everyone!!!!

Love to you all!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Catching up!

Hi All!
So June was a mother of a month for me, and I definitely feel the need to explain myself.  It seems to be one of those issues that came up all of the sudden, and has been incredibly hard to resolve. To give respect to all of the people involved I will say it this way, my husband and I are having some issues. Some of them are long term some of them not so much, I will say that it feel weird to reveal this on a blog before revealing it to anyone in my "real" life but there you go, some times the anonymity  of a forum like this makes things a little easier. We are going to attempt marriage counseling and though I am willing to give it a try I am not 100% confident in what the outcome will be.  For now we are basically separated, however still living together for financial purposes and for the purpose of our three kids....we will see how it all goes....For now I am asking for your understanding, If you have asked for a book review I plan to get it done but it may not be in the time frame I was hoping for....Thank you all for your understanding