Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Happy Summer, Family picture, and book reviews!

Hi All!!!

Summer is officially in full swing!!! I finished with the semester on May 18th, Cole finished on the same day and Liam was done a week later.....So far we have had a ton of fun.  We have been to the park, the natural history museum and a few other places, Tomorrow we are signing up the kids for the library summer reading program! I also heard Barns and Nobel has one, I may check into that as well.

I also want to say thank you to all of the authors who have contacted me and asked me to review their books!! I have gotten an amazing response and am actually booked through the first week of July!! So far I have kept myself to one book a week, because I feel like that way I can really give each book and author the time their book deserves!!! But I may revise that to 2 books a week!!! We will just have to see!!!

A few weeks we went out to take some new family pictures, we always take them ourselves because I honestly can 't see spending hundred of dollars to get them done, So Dan takes the pictures and I pose and edit them.....

Oh by the way I also now have a Facebook page for this blog!!!

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Thanks for reading!!! Hope everyone has a safe and happy summer!!!!
Talk to you soon!! for the review of Laurel Graver's Book


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