Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Direction change

 Hi. all!

It has been so long but I just wanted to write really quickly.  A lot has changed since the last time I wrote on here, one major thing that has happened is that I graduated from school I am now officially a licensed addiction counselor! I plan to do some life style stuff on here about that career at some point because I would love to bring more awareness to addiction and how it can effect people.  Secondly, My husband and I have been working together on our weight loss journey and I am happy to report that we have lost combined somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 lbs!!! It is pretty cool! I am hoping to post some pics of us soon! The next thing that is happening is kind of related. We have been on the adoption/ foster care train for a while and just decided that we might want to go on aa fertility journey.  Our hope is to get pregnant and possibly adopt a child with special needs at the same time! I know it sounds like a lot but this has been my dream for a long time. This month I will be starting a course of letrozol with a trigger shot.  I plan to post a lot on here because I kind of want to keep a journal of what is going on! 

Hope everyone is safe and happy and anticipating the end of 2020! I know I aam!

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