Monday, July 18, 2016

New adventure!

So as I have been doing a lot of reading lately, for reviews, I thought I would also try my hand at writing again,  ( I wrote a young adult novel about 4 years ago... Here is the link if you are interested ( Currently I am working on an original work, but I am also writing I know there is some controversy about fanfiction itself, some don't feel it is legitimate work, and some do.....I personally think it is, because I think it takes (almost) as much creativity as an original work....if you write or read fanfiction please feel free to let me know because personally really enjoy it!

One might as why I would at this point decide to try writing again, well the answer to that is simple, my husband and I are contemplating an international adoption, and that my friend is expensive, so even a small amount of extra money is helpful, plus I find writing (and reading) to be a way to relax, something important as we enter into this emotionally draining time!

Here is the link to my fanfiction profile,,
By the way I don't make anything from the fanfiction, it is simply a way to distress and get my work out there, if you are interested in reading please take a look!

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