Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Catching up!

Hi All!
So June was a mother of a month for me, and I definitely feel the need to explain myself.  It seems to be one of those issues that came up all of the sudden, and has been incredibly hard to resolve. To give respect to all of the people involved I will say it this way, my husband and I are having some issues. Some of them are long term some of them not so much, I will say that it feel weird to reveal this on a blog before revealing it to anyone in my "real" life but there you go, some times the anonymity  of a forum like this makes things a little easier. We are going to attempt marriage counseling and though I am willing to give it a try I am not 100% confident in what the outcome will be.  For now we are basically separated, however still living together for financial purposes and for the purpose of our three kids....we will see how it all goes....For now I am asking for your understanding, If you have asked for a book review I plan to get it done but it may not be in the time frame I was hoping for....Thank you all for your understanding

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