Friday, July 20, 2018

July Favorites!!


Hope all of you are doing well.  where I live it is a HOT and HUMID July, but we are almost done so I guess that is a plus! I have seen quite a few bloggers and YouTubers do postings like this so I thought I would give it a try. (Just so you know I wasn't paid to sponsor any of these brands they are just ones that I have loved this month and wanted to share with you guys.  I would also like to do an August favourite on books in addition to products I have been enjoying so stay tuned for that! I am currently reviewing a new book so that will be coming out later this week, I have a final due on Tuesday, and both my parents are having surgery.  Hope all of you are doing great!!!

1st up, (and these are in no particular order.) is Ayr nasal gel, and I know this is going to sound weird but I honestly have not been able to live without this stuff this summer, my daughter has large blood vessels in her nose, something she will be having surgery for next month, but these vessels cause her nose to bleed.  This stuff has literally kept her nose from bleeding, a huge plus for me since it can be kind of scary when she has one.

next up is cactus water shampoo by Hask I have always loved trying out different shampoos and my hair is pretty temperamental so finding one that works well for me is really hard. But this stuff is so awesome! And by the way, it is also nice not to have to use a whole bottle of shampoo to make my hair feel clean, an issue I have faced more times then I can count.

OK now, this next one is pretty silly honestly but I really do love them.  They are the little plastic cups that they sell at Walmart in the party aisle, at the beginning of the summer I got one for each of my kids in their favourite characters, and they have used them since the beginning! best 97 cents I have ever spent.

Now we have the Method all purpose cleaner, now I know I am a little late to the party on this one but honestly this stuff is amazing and I know I am going to be buying it all the time!

one of the last things that I am going to mention are these Kid's crocks I got a pair of these for each of my kids and I am so glad I did.  They wear this swimming and with any kind of water play.  They are pretty ugly but they do the job!

I also have a picture of the swimming suit that I got at Target, This thing is awesome and I was able to get the top in one size and the bottom in another one to fit my crazy body!! I honestly feel comfortable in this thing and I don't think I have ever been able to say that about a swimming suit before..So if you are in the market, go there!

So remember how I made a big deal about how my hair is weird?? Well, my skin is even worse.  This is something I have used for quite a while but since I have never done this before I thought I would feature it! Clinique dramatically different lotion is pretty awesome stuff and it actually makes my skin look healthy, a problem I have faced since I was a teenager!

There are two final things I am going to talk about one is The coppertone sheer spray and the last is the flip flops that are shown in the picture on the left.  The spray is something I have had for a super long time, all my kids are very fair skinned and burn super easy so this stuff really helps when we go swimming or walking or what ever we are doing in the summer months!

Now the flip flops, these are probably the best flip flops I have ever gotten and I got them completely by acciednet! A friend of mine and I were walking around Downtown in our city and my feet were killing me, I went into the first store I saw and found these flip flops! They have held up and they are amazingly comfotable, they probably arent the cutest thing ever unless you are a KU Jayhawk fan but  I would buy them again a thousand times!!!

So there you have it my July Favorites!!

This was kind of fun! Talk to you all soon!!!


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