Thursday, August 9, 2018

Back to school, First Aid, and a surgery

This has been a really eventful week for our family.  My kids received their boxes form K12 of their school materials for the year, I will be posting a "haul" of sorts showing you what was in them! My daughter had surgery to repair her eardrum from a retained ear tube and then we had something very interesting happen!

Most of you probably know that we are in the process of becoming foster to adopt parents.  A process that I intend to take you on as we get closer and closer to doing so.  Tuesday night we completed one of the last steps, finishing up our first aid class.  I had been dreading this class for a long time, but actually going wasn't as bad as I expected.  I also got a good look at why we were going to take this step.  The place where the class was head was our agency's main office. While we were there I saw a couple of kids come in and meet with their foster parents.  I saw a young teen crying when she was reunited with a foster mother she had been with before.  I saw biological parents coming in for meetings with their children and then leaving with tears running down their faces.  This is a heart-wrenching journey, I know that. Even though I have no idea what we are facing I know that it will be unexpected but as I told my husband when I left the building.  "I don't know if I can ever walk into that building again without walking out without a child who needs somewhere to go."

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