Monday, April 4, 2016

building a Garden! preparing the ground work

April is upon us! Cole has been asking for months to plant a garden, this Sunday afternoon we finally took the first step.

Cole was soooooo excited

We decided that the best place to build this garden was probably going to be at my parents house because they have a much bigger back yard then we do, We started out by tilling the ground and then adding sand to make the earth a little softer.

After that Cole and my dad did some raking.....

finally they put down dirt

We decided to wait a week or so to plant since there are apparently some better times then others to plant a vegetable garden  all of the kids got in on digging in the dirt and helping to prepare the ground for planting

Cole is ready to plant, and has very specific things he is wanting to grow, we will see if it works, but even if he doesn't it is a great lesson in farming and gardening!!!

Here is a little video of the process

Have a great Day!!!!

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