Friday, April 15, 2016

Kindergarten round up!

I honestly can not believe this but last night was cole's kindergarten round up!! He is so ready to start in the fall! I'm pretty sure that I will have a harder time then he will, it is really helpful that I love the teachers and the school, so much, I have compete confidence in them, plus Liam attends and Cole will be attending a magnet school, for those who don't know a magnet school is a public school that has special programs associated with it, ours is a science, fine art and music magnet school. Meaning they get special instruction in these areas, which is particularly amazing, since this school is one of only TWO in the city that has an art program at all....

The whole evening was pretty cool, the kids got to see all the science labs, and the whole thing had a wizard of oz theme, right up mine and the kids alley! 

Here is a few pics we took and a video I made up

Here is the yellow brick road leading into school....

The tornado and the witches feet at the enterence to the library 

Some of the kindergarten teachers 

Here are the flying monkeys

and......the video

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