Sunday, April 3, 2016

Family update and Dental Drama

Last week was multifaceted for us.  There was a LOT of Good and a little bit of bad.  It started out with Liam getting his orange belt, this was such a special think for him given the special needs that he has.  The night after he got his belt he started showing signs of illness, he had been showing cold symptoms for several days, but his mucus color changed and he developed a fever, the normal signs for him of a sinus infection. So off to the doctor we went, they informed us that it was intact not a sinus infection but just allergies, and recommended that we go back to see the ENT (we have a favorite ENT, who did ear tube surgery on both Cole and Caroline) 

Monday after Easter started out Good! Liam won an award at school for being on the honor roll, Cole got to be the special helper at school which was a huge deal for him.

Tuesday and Wednesday were normal days for me, as I went back to school,  but this is my mom's first week of school time child care, She and Caroline are adjusting to a LOT more time together, (Which is working out great), and my mom is adjusting to the times that Cole and Liam need to be dropped off and picked up from school and other activities.  It is an adjustment but I think it will be good over all.

Wednesday night we developed a little bit of an issue, we were eating dinner and Liam started complaining about his tooth hurting, I was surprised to notice that one of his molars was chipped, I assume he must have done it while he was eating because I hadn't noticed it during regular teeth brushing.  So I made an appointment with our regular dentist. We went in and he tried to get x-rays but wasn't very successful because this equipment was not the right size. he referred us on to a pediatric dentist in town which we had seen before with Liam, we had actually stopped taking him there because I felt like the pediatric dentist was just looking for problems to get more money, and Liam has been going to the dental van since he was in kindergarten (a program that does cleanings every six months and takes care of any issues that they see) 

Well the pediatric dentist found a TON of work that needed to be done in Liam's mouth. and quoted us a price of 3,000 dollars!!! I was totally freaked out, especially considering the fact that we brush and floss twice a day! The problems do see to be genetic, my husband and dad both have very bad teeth, they are pretty (very white and straight) but the enamel is weak. I am currently looking for natural methods to help fix his issues, and we have set up an appointment for a second opinion.

If anyone knows of any natural dental methods PLEASE let me know!!! 

We will just keep going and I know that all of this will work out but its a little frustrating for my little guy to have to go through this! 


PEACE, We are off to build Cole's Garden, pictures and video to come!!!!!!

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