Friday, April 1, 2016


A few weeks ago, my husband and I decided we needed to start getting healthier.  Neither one of us is that much over weight but we were not exercising and we felt like this was the time to start.  I always used to be very into health and exercise, but after my kids were born that kind of went out the window, because I was spending all of my time taking care of them. We joined the YMCA and started going to the gym.  Other then that I have also been doing some working out at home, i have been riding the stationary bike and doing jumping jacks ( I try to do about 500 a day).  Also I have always been a huge fan of yoga.  Previously i didn't really consider it as part of my work out, I actually used it more for meditation and self centering. But over the past few weeks I have found that i can use it as a warm up to the other parts of my work out.

When my husband and I started working on getting healthy, I looked around the internet and found something called a "One song workout' It claimed that you could get pretty much a full body work out in one song, and used popular music which seemed like fun.  While I personally don't believe you can get a full work out in one song, I thought that these were good warm ups or cool downs. so I decided to put those ideas together and came up with this.

Now obviously I am not a yoga instructor, but this seems like a beginning level to me, I am going to try and write one up about once a week, to different songs and different poses.  Songs are going to be more upbeat then others, I would consider this one a warm up, and I will probably write some that are more cool down worthy or relaxation worthy..

Have a great night!!

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