Friday, April 22, 2016

One song yoga #4

It's Friday again, meaning it is my day to post my normal one song yoga.

Today's one song yoga includes a lot of poses that are good for just getting out of bed and limbering up our muscles for the day!!

I really love doing these posts every week and spend a lot of time working on what song I am going to choose to go with the poses I have chosen for that week.  This week I really considered using a prince song considering his passing earlier this week, but this song by Madonna spoke to me much more for this routine.  This was a song I had honestly never heard before and I am not sure if it is one of her extremely popular ones or not.  I listened to her much more in the late 90s early 00s.

It isn't overly happy for greeting the morning, but I like the title because it shows the washing and refreshing of a new beginning.  I know not all the lyrics reflect that but oh well....:)

Hope you enjoy your new beginning every day


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