Sunday, March 27, 2016

DIY Easter eggs

Everyone loves doing easter eggs with their kids, this year my kids really wanted to participate, so we decided to make "characters" from some of their favorite movies/ shows.  I found online that you could make minions, and ninja turtles pretty easily.  Those we compiled a list of what we would need.

with eggs, my husband got a couple dozen and blew out the wouldn't have to do that though you could just hard boil them

and an egg dying kit. we wound up getting a star wars one because we thought the kids might want to use some star wars stickers to decorate with.

We also made sure to have ribbon, google eyes and scissors

After spending a LONG time letting the eggs sit in the dye we ended up with this.......

we used the 4 bright green ones in the middle to make the ninja turtles

so here are the finished products, my husband figured out a way to leave the middle of a few of the eggs white so we could make care bears for my daughter Caroline....You may also notice that the minions are a little orange on top...that is because Caroline knocked over the yellow as she was stirring it...awwwww life with a 2 year old

They took quite a while to do and the kids ran out of patients about half way through so my husband and I ended up finishing them up....Here is a few pics of when the kids were involved though :)

Hope everyone had a happy EASTER!!!!!


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