Monday, March 21, 2016

Quote of the Day

So todays quote is kind of a classic.  Any one who has ever heard of Maya Angelou, or probably Oprah for that matter has heard this quote. I was reminded of it yesterday when I was talking to my son Jonah (I will be posting his story on this blog in the next few days) He has had a tumultuous path in life, growing up in foster care, drugs, and serious addiction and mental health issues. He was lamenting to me about how he wished he had known to do better....

I didn't quote this to him at the time, but I wish I had....

Todays quote is....

it is actually a longer quote but I just wanted to put this part on the picture....for those who are interested the longer quote is...

Do the best you can 
until you know better
when you know better do better.

It is so true...When we come from difficult places we don't always know how to handle things, like Jonah we may become involved in things we shouldn't but as we grown up we learn how to do things better, we should never regret our pasts, because they lead us to where we are today...But when we Know better...We do better!

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