Sunday, March 27, 2016

What's in my kids Easter baskets

Easter is a big holiday in our house we have a pretty regular schedule that we keep to on that day, which usually includes church, lunch, Easter egg hunt and clues to find their Easter baskets.  (The Easter bunny makes you sing for your supper unlike Santa), but we try really hard to not go too crazy with it....The kids get one gift from mom and Dad (this year it was books)

This is what Liam (8 years old) got, he can't quite read it himself yet,but usually we have him read one page and then we read the next.  The Goosebumps books are good because the chapters are really short! Plus he is getting to the age that he LOVES scary and gross stuff!

This is what we got for Cole (5 years old).  He really loves star wars and is doing pretty well with his learning in preschool, but I have noticed that he has a little trouble with his colors, he gets grey and silver and stuff like that mixed up, I liked this book because it features every color you can think of.
Plus he can pretty much read it himself, so that is a plus

and we got this one for Caroline (age 2) she is getting to the age that she LOVES the Disney princesses, and I am working with her on learning her letters and new words.  This is a lift the flap book with all kinds of new words...Plus she calls Repunzel "hair" as a nick name which is really cute!!!

Then we have what was in their actual Easter baskets.  All three got another book.  Liam got a mincraft chapter book, Cole got a dinosaur book, and Caroline got a bundle of sticker books for Farm, sea, and house) They also each got a stuffed animal, which I don't usually get but this year I allowed it because they were hanging around my parents house and deserved to be played with. and they each got a SMALL toy..Liam got 3 tiny minecraft toys, Cole got 3 transformers, and Caroline got a sesame street bus that holds Elmo and Abby)

Here are the pictures

Coles "lovey" is not pictured, it is a white bengal tiger which he refuses to let go of. :)

They also each got some candy which I didn't take pictures of...

I have easter egg hunt picture to to post tomorrow...
but I hope everyone had a great easter!!!!


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